Christene Sandeson

Oil, Water Colour

Artist Bio

The environment around me inspires and challenges me.  My most recent body of work is where I explore the relationship between humans and the natural world.

I am impressed with the interdependency of living things-humans included.    Some of my inspiration comes from my practice of knitting.  As I knit, turning string into cloth, I become aware of how the transformational process is everywhere.  Sheep eat grass, fed by the sun.  We gather the wool and knit the sun into garments that keep us warm. 

I was born in Manitoba, and made my way east, fetching up at Mount Allison in the Fine Arts Program at age 18.  While I wandered through various interests and adventures since, my art practice has been a constant thread.  Through necessity, it has at times it has been thinner than other times.  In the past ten years I have dedicated more time to making art and participating in the art community.



14 x 18 oil on canvas


Two Pears


The Fisherman

30 x 40 oil

Blue Woman

18 x 24

Cliffs Bowl


Portrait of David

40 x 30 Oil